This aspect of my business opened in the 1990s when I began writing and publishing poetry. As I moved into writing fiction, I saw that novels and memoirs require similar skills and share many structural underpinnings. Soon I was offering workshops in creative nonfiction, which has since become one of my specialties as an editor. Below are recommendations from both novelists and memoirists. My own long-researched first work of fiction, Still Born, won the 2013 San Diego Book Award for best unpublished novel.


Anne Marie is an utterly joy to work with. She has a profound sensitivity to the subject matter and the author’s voice while also keeping an eagle eye on detail. Simply put, she makes you a better writer in every way!

 Bhava Ram, Author of the memoir

Warrior Pose: How Yoga (Literally) Saved My Life



Anne Marie Welsh is no ordinary editor. Her long experience as an arts critic has taught her to get into the very soul of a work and find its unique voice and purpose. She then makes clear, elegant suggestions for reorganizing, deleting and adding to bring out the best in a book – whether fiction or nonfiction. I have worked with Anne Marie for over fifteen years, experiencing her agility and insight as an editor along with her prodigious intellect that quickly grasps any subject and finds that magic fulcrum on which the whole thing rests. As a writer of poetry, fiction and nonfiction books, I have consulted with Anne Marie countless times for lightning fast, incisive edits. I find her a delight to work with-tirelessly supportive, compassionate and clear thinking. Her suggestions make my writing better, and inspire me to keep going when I might otherwise begin to feel discouraged.

Marlane Agriesti, Author of the memoir

How To Say I Love You in Italian



Anne Marie Welsh has guided me through two novels, Alice Chang and Twists of Fate over the past two years. Her low key, patient and helpful suggestions have been invaluable to me as a beginning writer as I worked through the ninety thousand words of plot and character development in Alice Chang, and the sixty thousand words in Twists of Fate. My highly regarded reviews by Kirkus are in no small part due to Anne Marie’s guidance and my work with her has been a highly enjoyable experience; one that I will repeat with my new novel, Starvation Mountain.

Robert Gilberg, Author




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After working with Anne Marie as an editor and coach as I wrote six books, I decided to join her ongoing Writers Workshop. Over sixteen weeks, I bonded with the other students and learned so much about the techniques and tools of personal narrative that my memoir is at last becoming a reality. I cannot recommend this skilled and caring editor and teacher highly enough.

Antoinette Spurrier, Counselor and Author

The Deliberate Happiness series of six books

Spurrier’s Fields of Light website


A wonderful editor and writing coach, Anne Marie helped me really immeasurably in bringing my husband Tom Hart’s memoir First You Run, Then You Walk into print. Thank you hugely, Book Doctor!

 Christopher Corkery for Tom Hart,

Author of the memoir

First You Run, Then You Walk


Finding Anne Marie Welsh was a blessing in so many ways. My husband Jay had written an historical, time-traveling novel, Hammurabi’s Dagger, twenty years prior, abandoned it to write short stories, then finally finished it five years ago. For a number of years we searched for a good editor we could afford. Then Jay was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia and began losing the ability to edit his own work. Since life span is shortened with this disease, I was determined to get the book published so he could at last enjoy the fruits of his labors. I am a publicist and have edited non-fiction for clients but found I was unable to do anything productive with the manuscript beyond repairing grammar, punctuation and spelling. By chance I met another publicist who recommended Anne Marie. We met with her and she promised to do a full edit of the 300+ pages in ten days within budget, and amazingly, she did! Working with her was a pleasure and the final product turned out to be an excellent, exciting page-turner! The book was published and became available on Amazon in December 2012. Since then it has received great reviews, extensive publicity and is doing quite well. And my 86-year-old husband is thrilled to finally have his treasured book in his hands, as are all our friends and family. Without Anne Marie this would never have happened. She is a treasure!

Judy Cooper 
for Jay Cooper, Lawyer and Author

Hammurabi’s Dagger

Feature in The Orange County Register

 Anne Marie Welsh, dance and theater critic for the San Diego Union-Tribune for twenty-five years, and the author of ten books herself, edited the final manuscripts of both my memoir and novel. I am immensely grateful to her for her most helpful corrections, comments and constructive critiques.

Lou Pechi, Author

Pirry: A Saga of Love Lost and Found

I Am Lubo