An element of coaching goes into nearly every project I take on. We all need someone to listen, to mirror our dreams and help us turn them into achievable goals. We all need support to encourage us to get moving when we feel stuck. Like an athlete who hopes to become professional, a writer wanting to get published needs feedback so he or she can practice well, develop new skills and grow more confident.

Coaching tends to be the service most wanted at two ends of the spectrum: by young or beginning writers just getting started, those who don’t yet know the “rules” of the game; and by older or more accomplished writers who may be looking for a next project or a new direction in their already established careers.

My coaching is individualized and collaborative, a conversation meant to uncover what the writer truly needs. I listen to what the client wants to accomplish, or thinks he or she might produce if only. . . that internal critic weren’t there, or the day job, or the family responsibilities, or the language barrier, or the writer’s block. In those cases, we strategize about how to shift or work through the writer’s attitude so he or she can reframe or remove the assumed impediment.

I might help the writer clarify the initial idea and structure for a non-fiction book, or review the basic principles of good writing, or guide an emerging novelist who hasn’t experienced the process of revising for plot, pacing, character, dialogue, theme and other elements of the craft. For the already established writer, we might work together to establish a new creative direction or to update the writer’s social media and marketing skills.

Coaching can be done by phone or in-person. The fee is $150 per hour, with coaching packages beginning at $250 per month.