Initial Assessment, Edit and Report

This is usually the best way for a writer and me to get to know one another and decide whether we’re compatible and want to work together. The service includes reading and line editing thirty to forty pages of the writer’s prose work, preparing a report on the sample’s strengths and weaknesses, offering my response and analysis including constructive suggestions, preparing a work plan and meeting for one-hour. The fee is $400.


After that, we proceed at the writer’s own pace. I may suggest that he or she complete a full chapter and submit it to me for comment before we meet again. For others, a bit of coaching in how to build a scene might lead to their writing just one scene for us to discuss. And for non-fiction writers, especially, the second step may be creating a tentative outline and overview of the proposed book.


For playwrights I offer a similar script evaluation service. I read and mark the script, analyze its strengths and weaknesses, offer suggestions for improvements to plot, character, pacing and other elements, point out technical problems that might become issues in production, and prepare a report. For an average length script, the fee is $500. For shorter plays the fee is $150 per hour.


The author goes back to work, and very often needs only that one session to become aware of how to “fix” the script or screenplay. In other cases, I read a revised draft for my basic fee of $150 per hour.