Writers with expertise in their fields or those who have had stirring personal experiences may want to craft a book proposal to attract an agent and land a publishing contract, optimally with an advance.

For these writers, I offer a special Getting Started package that includes a one-hour phone conversation introducing the basics of a marketable proposal, links to writing and organizational tips, successful sample outlines, as well as email support while the writer crafts an overview of the book. The Getting Started package is $500.

Other would-be authors may prefer to be walked through all the steps and stages required to create a clear, coherent and compelling book proposal that includes several well-edited sample chapters.This service includes line editing and the rate is $150 an hour.

A section on Marketing and Promotion is a key element contemporary publishers like to see in a proposal, so I also help writers develop their “platform” and widen their outreach by advising them on an appropriate website, blog, a newsletter, public relations, publicity material and social media.

One of my favorite clients, an acclaimed Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist, worked so assiduously over the course of eighteen months on her book proposal and platform presentation that her first offer from a publishing house came in the form of a two-book deal. She is now completing both volumes, one geared to laymen, one to teachers and practitioners. Rachel Krentzman’s recommendation is on the Yoga and Spirituality section of Projects.

Book proposals follow a standard formula and for ambitious authors wanting to publish their work traditionally, they offer an excellent incentive to shape a project description, outline, marketing plan, author biography and several polished chapters of the book. With such a framework, the book more easily writes—and sells— itself!