This aspect of my business blossomed after I left my position as theatre critic for the San Diego Union-Tribune in 2008. I jumped the fence, so to speak, and found that decades of nightly reviewing of plays and musicals had equipped me well to edit and assess scripts and screenplays before the authors presented their work to agents and producers—and critics, such as I had been.


A script evaluation and report pinpoints strengths and weaknesses in dialogue, characterization, pacing and structure. Those who have worked with me say that I’ve identified problems, asked questions, cultivated good points and made suggestions that saved them time and trouble as the script begins moving from page to stage. You can learn more about my work in this area from this interview about my script doc work, posted by the San Diego Playwrights organization:




When you’ve taken a play as far as your own brain can go, who do you show it to? For me, the ideal person is Anne Marie Welsh—the longtime theater critic for the San Diego Union-Tribune. She has a well-honed aesthetic, and can tell you in short order both the strengths of your play and the areas that need revision. I rely on her for all my work.


California Jack Cassidy, Award-winning Playwright

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