Line Editing


Line editing is the final painstaking stage in preparing a manuscript for an agent or publisher. My editor’s eye becomes a fine mesh meant to catch errors large or small, whether of punctuation, spelling, grammar, style, continuity, or formatting.

Agents expect manuscripts sent to them for review to be near-perfect because, in the new world of traditional publishing, neither agents nor publishers provide the fine-tuning and editing that authors could expect as little as a decade ago.

And for independent authors (aka, those who self-publish) line editing can make the difference between you and your book seeming amateurish or truly professional. My goal as a line editor is to be sure you publish a work of the highest quality, even if that means sending you back to the drawing board to rethink, rewrite or reword certain sections. Think of this final polishing of a manuscript as the gleam that can make your writing shine. An investment in line editing is always money well spent.

My fee for line editing is $150 per hour.