Corporate Writer, Editor and Communications Consultant

My first position in corporate communications was with Roy Littlejohn and Associates in Washington, D.C. While I completed my Ph.D. dissertation during the early 1970s, I was the company’s technical writer and editor, working under contract from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Over the years since I have served as a communications consultant contracted to many businesses including, most recently, a billion dollar company in the health care field. I have served as a writer, editor, shadow writer, and speech writer for several executives as well as an editor tasked with revising or writing all corporate communications that go out over the CEO’s signature: memos; private business correspondence; public speeches, and emails. I have edited monthly newsletters, board and committee reports, staff training and provider manuals, annual reports and strategic plan documents; I have also written scores of executive profiles for internal corporate publications.

For one company, I devised an education and awareness program to introduce the 300+ staff, in clear, concise language, to the principles and practices of Enterprise Risk Management. This project involved writing thirty-five weekly reports on the challenges and opportunities, as well as the attitudinal changes required—at the board, executive, management, and department head levels— to create, implement and audit a successful ERM program.

I first began writing and editing for San Diego-based corporations in the 1990s when I published a series of interview-based Executive Profiles for Qualcomm’s IQ magazine and wrote similar features for in-house publications of the biotech supplier, Invitrogen. Since then I have provided content for clients of Miriello Grafico, authored three books on the environment for the Girl Scouts of America, two nonfiction works for Scholastic through becker&mayer books and a biography for Time for Kids books. More recently, I have edited and polished corporate communications, proposals and reports for Community Health Group of San Diego, The International School of Feng Shui, and UCSD’s Center for Integrative medicine.

Clients have told me that my special strength as a communications consultant is that I thoroughly adapt to and reflect the voice of the company culture in the language of that culture. Perhaps because of the interviewing skills I developed as a journalist, I quickly discover the appropriate tone, vocabulary and voice of the client, while writing clearly and accurately, thus effectively representing the thinking, values, motives and goals of each client, whether that be an executive or entire business system.

My basic fee for corporate communications is $150 per hour, and for communications consulting, $200 per hour.


Anne Marie Welsh possesses exceptional skill as a writer and editor. She can take a concept and from there, create a polished, professional article, business letter, report or newsletter. Anne Marie is flexible, creative, positive and incredibly easy to work with. We here at Community Health Group often have tight turn-around times, which she is always able to meet.  She has written and edited reports and documents ready to be presented to the Board of Directors, as well as memos to employees, and heartfelt thank you letters to our customers. With our demanding and fast paced work culture, having Anne Marie as part of our team allows us to increase our productivity and ensure that all our communications are of high quality and are produced on time.

Norma Diaz, Chief Executive Officer

Ann Warren, Human Resources and Compliance Director

Community Health Group, a nonprofit health plan

Chula Vista, California


Anne Marie wrote two historical nonfiction children’s book for me—both published by Scholastic. Each project demanded lots of research and fact-checking, which she’s an ace at. Even more daunting, though, was making history interesting to young readers. Anne Marie did just that. Her writing was fresh and compelling, and she was able to bring obscure characters into vivid relief by focusing on details that others would have glossed over. Oh, and she met deadlines! She’s a total pro and a joy to work with.

Betsy Pringle, Senior Editor

becker&mayer books!

Bellevue, Washington


Anne Marie is truly the best editor in her field. I have had the honor and pleasure of working with her for six years as she edits my training manuals, articles and web content. She has a way of helping you find your inner voice and what you really want to express. I am so grateful for her insight, her attention to detail and her efficiency.

Amanda Collins, Founder and Director

International School of Feng Shui

San Diego, California

Because our paths have crossed in so many ways—over the course of many years—I am nearly at a loss as to just how to shine a light on Anne Marie Welsh’s broad expertise, creativity, formidable skills, and professional strengths. As a publishing professional, I can attest that she is a highly skilled and extraordinarily versatile researcher, writer, and editor. As a former journalist, I can likewise affirm that Anne Marie distinguishes herself by dint of her impeccable research, careful writing, and exceptional ability to revise quickly and effectively. Intelligence, strength, warmth, grace, generosity, and good humor—Anne Marie brings all of these virtues (and many more) to bear on every project and challenge she undertakes. She is a truly rare talent, and I cannot recommend her heartily enough.

Robin Cruise, Principal

The Right Words

Seattle, Washington